Saturday, June 11, 2011

Red Bubble - My Newest Venue for My Artwork

I am very pleased to share my new endeavor with all of you my blog friends! I have listed my artwork on and am very excited to realize the potential of this new site. With Red Bubble I will be featuring my new digital artwork for viewers and buyers. Red Bubble is headquartered in Melbourne, AUS with printing facilities also in the US, UK and Canada. This opportunity makes my artwork available to buyers from around the world for the first time. Red Bubble is a marketplace community for everyone interested in creativity and learning, and for artists and writers from all around the world. With this site I just have to send them my digital files and Red Bubble does the rest from printing to shipping and meeting all customer needs. My favorite thing about this new venue is that buyers can now order my work in 9 different presentations, from a simple greeting card for $2.79 to a large framed print. And especially exciting is that on the site the buyer can actually see the artwork in the option they choose whether it be a greeting card, matted print or framed artwork - even T-shirts in some instances. I truly love working digitally - I hope you enjoy what I have created and am now offering for purchase. You can find my Red Bubble site at -  
Some of my work now available at

The group Fantasy Fine Art Composites from Red Bubble featuring two pieces of my work this week!


  1. Ooh - can't wait to see more of your digital pieces! Gorgeous! Good luck with the new venue

  2. Very exciting! I love your work and wish you well on this new venture.


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