Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Magical Shadowbox

Seldom do I tout my own work but occassionally I grow attached to a piece and find it difficult to part with. This shadowbox is one of those pieces. But I've kept it to myself long enough so I listed it today on ETSY. It does inspire me to get busy and create more shadowbox pieces. I was also deeply touched by the print here that I hand colored with colored pencil. The scene of the little boy, although from a much earlier time period, probably medieval, moved me with the couriosity of little boys - and girls - of the birth of exploration and discovery throughout the ages and the lamblike innocence of children.


  1. Oh wow Maureen that is a stunner of a shadowbox. i could just imagine having this on a wall and being transported each time you look at it. AMAZING piece of art
    hugs June x

  2. Truly beautiful piece Maureen! I would have trouble parting with it too.

  3. This is wonderful Maureen! I love it!


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