Saturday, October 10, 2009

Notes from the War on Women

I want to take a serious moment to bring attention to domestic violence in this country. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month so I want to present everyone with some alarming statistics. According to the FBI, Supplementary Homicides Report for 1976-2005, for the year 2005 as to homicides in the United States the total number of men murdered was 13,122 of which 329 were killed by their intimate partner, or 2.5%. In that same year there were a total of 3,545 women murdered in the U.S. of which a whopping 1,181 or 33.3% were killed by their intimate partner. The year 2005 was not a significant year in the number of homicides but rather the norm. And from the American Pregnancy Association, every year in the U.S. 240,000 pregnant women are subject to domestic violence of which 40% of the assaults begin during the first pregnancy. The study states pregnant women are at twice the risk of battery than non-pregnant women. Many studies attest that homicide is the number one cause of maternal death during   pregnancy and the period right after childbirth. So many movies and television shows have plots dealing with the rape and murder of women. Why is it that this country considers that entertainment and why do we never see a truce in this country's War on Women?


  1. Great Blog Maureen, I agree with your thoughts on this one as it also applies here in the UK
    I just popped over when i saw on twitter so will RT your link
    hugs June xxxx

  2. It is so wrong that so much abuse flies under the radar until it is too late. It is good of you to post this information, Maureen. Makes one stop & think

  3. Thank you for addressing this, Maureen.

  4. Maureen I appreciate you taking the time out of your own life to addresss those in need that to me is a true artist at work


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