Saturday, October 31, 2009

JewelrybyJacoby - a sister's new found passion

          "Going Native"                     
        Ivory colored shell teeth and melon bone beads accented with
                                                Crazy Lace Jasper                                                                                                  

       Below "Sixties Flashback"
    Retro hippie style choker with huge
nuggets of amethyst and blue lapis chips.

                    Citrine Bracelet - one of my personal favorites!
                           Translucent citrine and mixed gem chips

Yellow Turquoise Bracelet

                                         " Tranquil Waters" Necklace

I was delighted when my sister sent me an email with several pieces of her handmade jewelry in an attachment. She wanted my advice on her recently discovered means of artistic expression. I was astounded at how extraordinary her work was. Yes she was a novice but she was also a natural! She had absorbed the basic intricacies of jewelry making so quickly and easily, and it was obvious to me she had found her passion and was finding joy in her work. It is always exciting for me to see new found self expression emerge from individuals and the delight on their faces to have created something! It has been doubly exciting watching my sister emerge as an artist. She has spent much of her adult life in Florida and loves to travel to the tropical locales in the Caribbean. Her work is very much influenced by her surroundings and the colors of the sea. You can visit her shop at

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