Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grass Roots vs Citizens United and the 1% in Wisconsin

Democracy doesn't have a chance against Citizens United when a handful of billionaires can buy an election by outspending the Democrats by 8 to 1 as Governor Walker (WI) did with the aid of the Koch brothers and other billionaire one per-centers. Are we going to see a few dozen billionaires become owners of the United States free to implement their own greedy agendas at the detriment of the 99%? If so, then this new reality in the wake of the Citizens United ruling will become a wake for democracy and the United States of America. The activist far right Justices who gave us Bush v Gore in 2000, the resulting effects of which nearly destroyed this country, have delivered a second crippling blow with Citizens United which will change the face of this country forever. The grass roots progressives of Wisconsin and the rest of this country are truly dispirited in the rubble of this "election" where the "purchasing power " of the 1% overwhelmed the passion and people power of the 99%. But I continue to be very proud of the heart and dogged determination of my fellow Wisconsin progressives. We will persevere.

                                                    RIP Wisconsin...for now!

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