Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Campaign has forced Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin into special recall election with one million Wisconsin citizen's signatures.

A campaign to force Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker into a special election has gathered an estimated one million signatures, nearly one quarter of the state's electorate, in 60 days. Of course Mr. Walker was not in town to see the many, many boxes of signed petitions arrive by truckload, 3000 lbs. of signed petitions!  He had fled the state capitol and was in New York City for another fund raiser with his big money Republican donors for his special election. It was just one year and one week ago that  Walker came into office and it was only a few weeks later, in the deepfreeze of Winter, that Wisconsinites started protesting his actions around the capitol building keeping it up by the tens of thousands throughout the Winter and Spring. It was exhilarating, empowering,  and grass-roots.  When we chanted, "This is what democracy looks like!", we knew we were right.  Walker will be only the third State Governor to be recalled in United States history. Along with the Governor, there is also a recall against his Lieutenant Governor and 4 Republican state senators, including the Senate Majority Leader. 
 It has been a long, highly emotional battle and we have a ways to go still. But if Wisconsin is successful in the recalls, the tide will turn building up to the November, 2012 Presidential election. Wisconsin is a leader in this people's revolution, and the birth place of collective bargaining which is a right the Republicans want to take away.  A lot is riding on this. It's about who we want to be. What we want our state and country to be. What we want to leave to our children. There is no turning back. We will not give up. The sleeping giant has been awakened for a while now, there are no plans to hibernate again. Along with Wisconsinites, other impassioned, patriotic citizens in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Maine, and others, along with the phenomenal Occupy Movement nationally together make up the front lines - there are many more recruits and volunteers coming along everyday. This has been a heartbreaking, aggravating, painful decade. We may have not even hit bottom yet. In spite of everything, this is still an exciting time to be alive. Change is definitely underway. Just as nothing else has been predictable since 2007- 2008 when the nation was left in ruins by the Bush administration and Wall St. bankers, this country's future is perilously up in the air. The only way forward is for us to take our Democracy back. That has started here in Wisconsin.

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