Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Under Siege

Note: For days now as the radiation settles over Japan, I have been preoccupied, haunted by thoughts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And my heart cries. Maureen

Excerpts from "Under Siege"

by Mahmoud Darwish
translated by Marjolijn De Jager

Here on the slopes of hills, facing the dusk and the cannon of time
Close to the gardens of broken shadows,
We do what prisoners do,
And what the jobless do:
We cultivate hope.

A country preparing for dawn. We grow less intelligent
For we closely watch the hour of victory:
No night in our night lit up by the shelling
Our enemies are watchful and light the light for us
In the darkness of cellars.

Here there is no "I".
Here Adam remembers the dust of his clay.

When the planes disappear, the white, white doves
Fly off and wash the cheeks of heaven
With unbound wings taking radiance back again, taking possession
Of the ether and of play. Higher, higher still, the white, white doves
Fly off. Ah, if only the sky
Were real [a man passing between two bombs said to me].

Alone, we are alone as far down as the sediment
Were it not for the visits of the rainbows.

Oh watchmen! Are you not weary
Of lying in wait for the light in our salt
And of the incandescence of the rose in our wound
Are you not weary, oh watchmen?

A little of this absolute and blue infinity
Would be enough
To lighten the burden of these times
And to cleanse the mire of this place.

Resisting means assuring oneself of the heart’s health,
The health of the testicles and of your tenacious disease:
The disease of hope.

Greetings to the one who shares with me an attention to
The drunkenness of light, the light of the butterfly, in the
Blackness of this tunnel!

Greetings to the one who shares my glass with me
In the denseness of a night outflanking the two spaces:
Greetings to my apparition.

My friends are always preparing a farewell feast for me,
A soothing grave in the shade of oak trees
A marble epitaph of time
And always I anticipate them at the funeral:
Who then has died...who?

©Maureen Kavaney Tillman

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  1. Remarkably thoughtful... the anguish of the watchmen of eternity, sullied hopes and dreams washed into a present tense, mired by shadows of passing years, shadows of resentments, measured upon the remnants of memories lingering in the light of a new day... a day that moves ceaselessly onward, changing, metamorphosing those dreams and hopes, so all that is left to gave upon is the flicker of past remnants splashed upon the soulful mirror of reflection, in which we see but dimply the context of those long forgotten contents...

    Beautiful Image also Maureen.


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