Friday, September 3, 2010

From All Around the World You Visit

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone where you all come from who read my blog. It is one of the most exciting parts about writing this blog. I never tire of discovering where you all live. Sitemeter on my blog collects that information for me. I use Google Analytics (GA) to track that information on my etsy shop. GA tells me that in the past month I had 346 visitors to my etsy shop from 28 different countries as the chart from GA below shows.

Personally I have recorded visitors to my blog from 24 countries besides the USA over the past 3 weeks. Here are the countries I noted during that time period: Greece, South Africa, Australia, UK, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Columbia, France, Portugal, the Philippines, India, New Zealand, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and Holland. I find that revelation simply thrilling. Thank you all for visiting. Please come back again and again!

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