Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tread Lightly for Fairies Dwell Here...or the Fairies Amongst Me!

When I was a child growing up in the 1950s, I believed in fairies, elves, leprechauns, the Easter Bunny, the sandman, ghosts and goblins, wicked trolls who lived under bridges, white knights who rescued fairy princesses, and of course Santa Claus. And I believed in them all well beyond when all of my friends were enlightened. If I was in the dark I preferred to stay there. In fact I still believe in some of those beings! I said something similar recently about the state of denial I lived in for so long when I was someone's supposed wife - that I think I knew I was in denial, but I liked it there! The tile mural above was done for my previous "other-life" house. I spent two years completing all the tiles and three months after they went up I was informed I would not be living there in my "forever home" anymore. So another family is enjoying my work now. I am glad of that though, I was afraid a new owner would come in  and destroy it for something else. The photo is not the best being glossy paint on glossy tiles, but it's the only one I have.


This is the big blue fairy cupboard I designed for my previous "dream kitchen." It wasn't nailed down so I took it with me when I had to vacate my "forever home." It anchors my second "dream kitchen" in my true forever home now. I never expected to have to move it the first time; and being the dreamer I am, I never considered the weight of  the behemoth cupboard when designing it. It was originally assembled on site in the first new kitchen, and in such away that it could not be disassembled without causing major damage. As I said, I never intended to have to move it - in MY lifetime at least.  But after only a few months, I had to have it moved to my new post-divorce home. It took 4 large men, a piano mover and much straining and grumbling to get it where it stands today ... and where I hope it stays for many years.
Fairies surround me in my second dream kitchen as they did in my first, nestled below twining vines and glass tiles. You cannot be in the midst of these capricious, mystical wee  folk without being enchanted!

Occasionally these ephemeral fragile creatures need to be captured and held for their own protection from roaming cats and dogs, or even hawks and eagles searching for such a sweet little morsel.               

 Or high on a shelf  under glass where cats cannot pounce.

A little elfin creature seems to have found his way to my little fairy enclave. He has taken it upon himself to stand watch over the fairies like a little sentry, the keeper of the realm he believes himself to be. He is pretty exemplary with his slingshot too.

If you wish to have fairies in your garden, like in my little fairy sub-division here, plant a bit of thyme in your garden to attract them. Soon you will see tiny fairy shadows flitting against your garden wall.

A happy home is a home with fairies. They will teach you that life can be more than it seems. But beware, fairies will not stay in a home with human-kind if you are foul tempered. If you can hold your tongue you can live in a state of perpetual enchantment amongst the fairies until the end of days!

The land of fairies and other magical beings became my escape as a young girl from an abusive childhood. It is where I discovered my muse and learned to immerse myself in my imagination.  Later with my marriage, I believed my life would be joyous, safe and contented, but I was misled. Unbeknownst to me from the beginning, the door to fulfillment would be as impenetrable as a stone wall, as unfathomable  as a riddle, and as make-believe as a masquerade. I was castigated, ridiculed and shunned for wanting to be a part of someone's life. I believed if I could just unravel the mystery that loomed there darkly, we could be happy. But it was never allowed to happen. The door remained closed to me always, beginning to end. Rather than admit to myself my failure and  unhappiness, I chose denial and escaped more and more into the world of my imagination - until it defined me. These days as time unravels the secrets and lies imposed on my life, I no longer allow myself the comfort of denial. I am finding I can be happy alone in my "little world" as many call it, where I am most familiar, comfortable and happy. I have learned to be my own best company in this place of refuge - safe, secure, fulfilled - home. It is my world but kindred spirits are always welcome.
Have you invited a wee fairy into your home lately? Just close your eyes and whisper, "I believe!" They will hear you! They will come!


  1. Your work is fantastic, Maureen, you need to bring new fairies into your new life! Truly delightful!

  2. love the fairy creations you brought to life! keep going, you can never have enough magic in your life.
    as to being your own 'best company' that's how I feel most of the time. Really, when you think about it, the most important person in our life, is our own self.


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