Monday, June 28, 2010

Questions to Consider, Violence Against Women

Once again the local headlines tell of another young woman murdered by her ex-husband.  He came for her with a 12 gauge shotgun after saying he was "going to put a hole in her" when he heard she had dated another man since their separation. He killed her while her 14 year old daughter was in the home. Her mother had tried to protect her by telling her to stay in her room when she saw him breaking into the home.

How common these tragic stories have become, women murdered by their husbands, ex-husbands and boyfriends. How little value our culture places on women. Why are we subjected to story after story of this violence against women in our entertainment: films, television, music? How many television shows present women being tortured, raped and murdered every day? Even some of the best, most applauded, shows on the networks routinely have themes of violence against women, and often it isn't just one character being killed but multiple women per show night after night. Why is this considered entertainment in this country? Why do we accept this? Then there is reality, the television news shows parading one murder case after another every night. And most often although feigning innocence, false grief and pleading for assistance to find "the REAL killer", it proves to be the one who professed to love her and vowed to protect her who decides her life should end. What will it take for this outrage to end?


  1. Awareness.....just like you are doing. I feel we've become so immune to the violence around us. As you say, we don't have to go looking for it, it's in the media, either real or acted. I find it even more intolerable our justice system is based more on who has more money for the better lawyer and protecting rights..can you say O.J.?

  2. Yes, I think you're right about the effect of so many TV programmes and films using murder as a basis for entertainment. It's done so casually, with so little suggestion of the consequences that I feel it erodes the proper value we should give any human life. It seems to me that it's a fairly lazy way to create 'drama' without having to give it much thought! And most of these programmes & films are pretty much the same as each other - rather a waste of time! I admit that there are films I've enjoyed that do include violence but these are the ones that show the terrible consequences...


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