Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's nice to be appreciated!

I discovered my blog was included on AccreditedOnlineColleges.org's list of 100 Best Poetry Blogs on March 21, 2010. It came in as number 26! The website describes my blog as "a mishmash of artistic material, with poems, artwork, crafts, photography and paintings being posted regularly." It must always be an honor to be included on a list of the 100 best anything! I am not sure about being a "mishmash" - but since they seem to like my blog I will take the word as a good thing! When I started this blog last summer (2009) I was not sure if I could keep up with regular postings. But I knew I loved to write and I always have some new favorite item of interest to share, so I figured if I liked whatever it was good enough to blog about it, there would be others interested enough to read it. And I learned early on that good blogs present lots of "eye-candy" (beautiful images) - and I do so love pretty pictures - so it was a good fit. I have lots of plans for interesting blogs to share in the forseeable future, including my favorite artists, mostly all pre-Raphaelite; favorite children's book illustrators (my passion); favorite artist's models and actresses of the Victorian period, le Belle Epoque in Europe, and many, many more - and always with lots of beautiful images. So thanks to all of you for taking a look now and then, it means a great deal to me.

To see the list of 100 Best Poetry Blogs go here:


  1. Hey, well done! :D (it's always interesting to look in here!

  2. A hearty & well deserved congrats!

  3. Well, if that's a mishmash, that's what I like!


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