Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Free Giveaway on Artsnark's Artifacts Blog

I am the featured artist this week on Stacey Merrill's blog Artsnark's Artifacts at  Stacey is a fellow Melange Team Etsy teammate and a great friend. She has enough energy and spirit for the whole team!  I have donated a special tile box of mine as the freebie in this week's drawing. To enter you just need to visit Artsnark's blog and leave a comment under my feature. Later this weekend she will be featuring my art studio in her series showing where women artists work. I want to thank Stacey for both of these opportunities and commend her on her presentation! Visit the free giveaway of my artwork post here :

Here is the tile box I am offering free - including postage - on Artsnark's Artifacts blog giveaway until Thursday. This is a wooden box 6" square, 2 3/4" deep - outside under the beaded fringe is paper mosaic with tiny glass tile along the base, beaded fringe hangs from green satin ribbon. Inside is mosaic in 1" glass tiles on all four sides with a  4" square porcelain tile featuring a butterfly painted with Pebeo porcelain glazes - there are also 6 Swarovski crystals highlighting the hand painted butterfly. The top edge is lined with tiny glass tiles. Between the butterfly tile and the inner edge of the box there are aquamarine chips set in polymer medium.
So if you want to enter the giveaway get on over to Stacey's blog and post a comment!

The tour of my studio space is up now on Stacey's blog at
Take a look!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work & inspirational thoughts, Maureen! You are so very creative & always so supportive - I feel very fortunate to have met you through melange & etsy :D

  2. I was so happy to read about your special giveaway thru Stacey's blog..She's such a sweet gal...I love your blog Maureen, and will be following you from now on...Blessings to you dear, and Happy Holidays!!!


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