Thursday, November 12, 2009

Such a Haunting Countenance

Hear is another vintage photo for you to have for your artwork. This little guy is so captivating, one immediately wants to know his story. Does he really have a blackened eye? Is he truly so dejected as he appears? Why was such a photo taken? We hope he had a loving home and was well cared for, but you have to wonder! Poor little ragamuffin.


  1. I'm like you,I wish I knew the story behind the photo.You cant help but want to reach out and hug this little guy.Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Ahh..he is so cute but do wonder where he got the injured eye..he looks sad:(

  3. oh, this is tugging at my heart strings...what a darling photograph. You find the best ones M.

  4. Well, he sure is a cutie. But, yes, he does have a black eye. Wonder if he is a little fighter and that's how he got that shiner.

  5. Oh dear, I want to pick this little guy up, cover him with kisses and squeeze him with loving hugs. Thanks so much for sharing him Maureen!



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