Tuesday, September 29, 2009

French Post Card Girls

Here are three sweet faces for you to keep. I look at the hundred's of images of precious, exquisite faces of the French post card and flower girls in my digital collection and I realize they must all be gone now - these beautiful babies from the turn of the century. They most likely witnessed two world wars on their doorstep, and probably grew old watching their own beautiful babies, grandbabies and even great-grandbabies enter this world. And yet their sweet faces touch our souls! Truly a beautiful moment in time caught forever!


  1. They are so gorgeous. I collect these postcards too and they are so precious.
    thanks for sharing
    hugs June xxx

  2. I feel sure these ladies would be pleased to know you honored them in this way! What a beautiful tribute!


  3. wonderful cards -thanks for sharing


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